Boost your Jeep with Hamburger Superchargers! 425 HP and 365 FTLBS of torque. 50 state carb compliant 3-year warranty. The ultimate in driveability. This supercharger is quiet, smooth, and offers fantastic power throughout the entire powerband. The shift patterns are altered to match the new performance and it makes the jeep an absolute joy to drive.

When we saw that Hamburgers Supercharger was making a kit for the JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator we had to purchase and install one for ourselves. So we bought a new blue Wrangler Rubicon and with only 117 miles on the clock, got to work!


The install wasn't terribly difficult, but not for a novice. A lot of critical thinking, problem-solving were required. The instructions are thorough and the kit is fantastic! All of the components are absolutely top-notch as well.


The finished product is absolutely stunning. It would be very easy for the untrained eye to notice nothing. It looks like it was put there by the factory. It is also completely silent. No annoying whine, no blowoff. Driveability is very smooth, and with new transmission shift patterns, you don't have to let off the gas to shift gears. The power is simply insane. 150 extra horsepower really wakes up the jeep. If you are considering this upgrade, swing by the office and take a ride! I guarantee you will want one for your own Wrangler or Gladiator.

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