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More than a parts store

We are located at the base of Thunder Mountain in Sedona, Arizona and specialize in the "whole picture" not just bolting a bunch of random parts on and hoping for the best. That never yields good results. We focus on a build philosophy. If you want a dedicated rock crawler, the focus would be on lightweight aluminum armor, approach and departure angles and flexibility with an emphasis on suspension geometry. If your focus is on high-speed desert driving the focus would be more on a long travel, which often means a more reasonable sized tire, tuned coil overs or shocks, hydraulic bump stops and again, weight reduction. That huge roof rack may look cool, but it is not going to help you bomb through the whoops.


Services Offered

We specialize in the 2018+ Wrangler (JL) and Gladiator (JT) platforms. But other Jeeps are welcome too. 

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Wheel and Tires

In house mounting and balancing

Lift kits and Suspension

From simple spacers to complete long arm suspensions installed by an ASE certified mechanic (and jeep nut)

Overlanding and Camping

Rooftop Tents, racks and camping equipment


Steering Upgrades

We all know the JL/JT steering leaves a bit to be desired. But it doesn't have to... 

Test drive the suspension you are considering!


Protect your investment. Bumpers, sliders, skid plates.



Boost your Jeep with Hamburger Superchargers! 425 HP and 365 FTLBS of torque. 50 state carb compliant and soon to be the official supercharger of FCA... that means no warranty problems


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